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The latest device from NuFACE is a cute little thing that offers super-speedy and convenient treatment of fine lines – around the eyes, the lips, and on the forehead — for both on-the-go millennials looking for an instant skin pick-me-up and for the more mature among us who need, shall we say, a more targeted treatment for fine lines and wrinkles (that’s what I use it for).

It’s the size of an overgrown mascara, so it will fit easily into a handbag or washbag and recharges via a micro-USB cable. As you might guess with a NuFACE device, it uses electrical microcurrent to firm, tighten and tone the skin around the eyes, lips and forehead in just three minutes, and there are clinically proven results to back up the claims.

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NuFACE Fix Line Smoothing Device

Instantly targets fine lines and wrinkles

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A good quick fix for fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, lips and forehead – hence the name. In addition I have found it good both at flattening my eye bags and at plumping up the edge of my lips just a touch. A pen-sized microcurrent device it needs only 3 minutes to work. The NuFace devices are hugely popular and they are the only brand of their kind to have FDA clearance.

You can use the device with any conductive, water-based serum, but for best results, try the special NuFix serum which is the first ‘microcurrent skincare’. The ingredients are ionised to pull the microcurrent into the skin and increase the instant results. The serum can be used alone for an instant hydration hit, too. I find it’s great for pushing hydrating serums into the lips, and though this isn’t something that the brand claims, it is really helpful for dispersing post-procedure bruises in double-quick time.

CATEGORY: Home-use Devices

    Apply serum to the treatment area. Switch the device on and rest the contact points lightly on the skin, then move them gently back and forth, or up and down, or round in small circles, on the area that you are treating, for one minute.

    The treatment can be repeated during the day.

    How do I use the Smoothskin Pure?

    The device comes with a detailed user manual, but essentially, you place the device in contact with the skin, press the activation button, and the device will flash. Then, move on to the next area to be treated and repeat. It’s very important to patch test first before using the device – again, instructions for how to do this are detailed in the user manual.

    Is the Smoothskin Pure an IPL device?

    Yes. Smoothskin Pure uses the same IPL technology as in-clinic or in-salon treatments to help break the cycle of hair growth and achieve a permanent reduction in unwanted hair growth.

    What is IPL?

    IPL is a technology that uses a broad-spectrum light (a collection of different wavelengths of light) to achieve a permanent reduction in unwanted hair growth and can also be used to treat various skin concerns. IPL works similarly to lasers, but IPL devices are less complex than lasers and are also less expensive for clinics to purchase.

    How long until I can see results using the smoothskin pure?

    Depending on your own hair’s growth cycle, which is usually about six to 12 weeks, you can see visible results from Smoothskin Pure IPL in as little as four weekd. The key is to be consistent with your sessions and stick to the recommended treatment plan. Initially, the device should be used every week for 12 weeks to ensure all hair follicles are treated, as follicles can be in different phases of growth to each other at any time. Hairs need to be in the anagen (the growth phase) for the treatment to be effective.

    What skin types can use the Smoothskin Pure?

    IPL is unsuitable for deep brown or black skin tones – categorised as a Fitzpatrick skin tone VI. This is because dark skin contains a high amount of pigment (melanin) – which is what IPL targets – and so will absorb too much light. in extreme cases, this can lead to burns, discolouration or even scarring.

    Smoothskin Pure suits skin tones that are pale, olive or brown with black, brown or dark blonde hair; there isn’t enough melanin in grey, white, red or pale blonde hair for it to get to grips with. There’s a built-in skin tone sensor which measures the amount of melanin in the skin and adjust the light intensity accordingly. If your skin is too dark for treatment, the sensor will detect this and block the device from operating.